Year-end Financial Review – Don’t Forget Your Life Insurance Policy


Do you review your financial situation at the end of each year?  Or, maybe early in the New Year so your holiday season will be sure to be a jolly one?  When you do, there are some “reality checks” that you must face.  At the end of the day, the most important questions focus on, “Do you have enough financial resources to live comfortable, or at least without fear of your resources falling short of your needs? Are you being realistic about what your financial needs will be for the coming year, and beyond?  Have you accounted for all of your financial assets and their value?

Speaking about accounting for all of your financial assets, don’t forget your life insurance policy.  Do you know your life insurance have value as a financial resource BEFORE you die?  What you say?  Your life insurance policy is your personal property.  That may sound strange, but the U.S. Supreme Court has opined that your life insurance policy belongs to you and is part of your personal assets just as your other investments.  So, if you chose, you may sell the policy BEFORE you die, IF it has value and IF you no longer need or can afford it.

Your life insurance policy is a very important investment that you need to include when you review your financial situation.  Find out how and why it may have value and what you should know by reading “The Hidden Value in Your Life Insurance, Funds for Your Retirement”.  It is a simple, easy to understand, short book written for consumers who may not be aware of the important value their life insurance policy may have for their current financial needs.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!