The Hidden Value in Life Insurance can change everything.

Most seniors aren’t aware their life insurance can help fund retirement.Darwin Bayston, CFA, Author
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Discover the Hidden Value in Your Life Insurance and fund your dream retirement.

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According to the Federal Reserve
33% of Americans have no retirement savings or pension

"American seniors don't know life insurance policy."


No wonder so many of us are nervous about our ability to retire.

Fortunately there is an asset that many American seniors have at their fingertips that they can use to fund their retirements. Most of them don’t even realize it.

Darwin M. Bayston, a chartered financial analyst, and Daryn N. Teague, a public relations consultant who works with providers of legal and financial services, created this simple consumer guide to help people unlock the hidden value in their life insurance policies. Learn how to:

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    find out the things that insurance companies don't want you to know;

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    improve your quality of life in retirement;

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    eliminate what could be an unnecessary expense; and

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    reduce stress by gaining peace of mind about retirement.

Order Your Copy.

Discover the Hidden Value in Your Life Insurance and fund your dream retirement.


What can you expect from this book?

Specific details on a hidden asset that is often misunderstood by financial advisors

Easy-to-understand, unbiased, trusted information from an authoritative source

Rock-solid advice to help you avoid financial mistakes

Comprehensive insights for pre-retiree and retirees

What will be some of the key takeways from this book?

Eliminate rising life insurance premiums

Understand pros and cons of selling your life insurance

Fund Your Dream Retirement

Make your retirement and your golden years the best time of your life.

Your financial advisor may also not be allowed to disclose the information provided in this book.

Nearly one in four professional financial advisors aren’t even allowed to tell you about the fact that you have the right to sell your life insurance policy because the life insurance industry doesn’t want that option to be known to you. These are the same people whom you trusted enough to purchase your policy from them in the first place.